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Fallback Productions Lucretia Hughes

November 20, 2019
Lucretia Hughes received her Associate's Degree in Business Management and Administration from ITT Technical College, and she currently works as a financial professional at National Financial Services Group. She is a strong advocate for religious freedom, stopping refugee resettlement in Georgia, and unnecessary tax hikes and state fees. Her professional interests focus on improving the quality of life for Barrow County residents.
In addition, she serves as President for The Lanier Tea Party Patriots and is a member of Barrow County Republican party. She also served as former Assistant Secretary for the Barrow County GOP. Lucretia has been honored by Speak Up Georgia for her contributions to the uplifting and advancement of the Conservative Movement, and she was also named to the Who's Who Georgia Conservatives.
After a number of tough years, Lucretia pulled herself out of the depths of despair and was given a new lease on life. She uses this unique perspective for the betterment of her fellow Americans and her country which she loves. She had 4 children by 20 and 7 grandchildren by 44, and she never gave up. She comes from a military family and works as an independent insurance broker in addition to her work with Fallback Productions. Today, she wants to make sure she does right following the blessings she has received by paying it forward and leaving a legacy for her grandchildren.

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