The imaybewrongbutidontthinkso’s Podcast

The Church versus The State

May 13, 2020

Pastor Dale Walker is president of TN PASTORS NETWORK and serves as pastor of McCormick Ridge Holiness in Whitleyville, TN. Pastor Walker actively speaks out against issues state wide regarding religious liberty issues and he is a intense hater of “wicked liquor” and the diabolical effects it has on society. He spoke out against the opening of liquor stores and alcohol sales bill on Sunday in TN. He is vocal about the power of lobbyist and globalist corporations and how they control the legislature agenda and “we the people” are powerless.    Pastor Walker recently made national news calling out the TN Governor on Good Friday in front of a liquor store in Lebanon.  Pastor Walker street preaches at many different places from abortion clinics to drag queen story hour at libraries and other events and unashamedly stands for righteousness in the public market place.        

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